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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Happy Birthday!

On June 12, 2007, the mark Count Blockula was entered into the United States Patent and Trademark Office's Official Gazette (see above), along with a 30 day allowance period for anyone who wished to do so to oppose the registration.  Upon completion of this 30 day period, if no such opposition had been filed, the USPTO would issue a Notice of Allowance.

Well, it's 30 days later.

I've been checking the website all morning, and they still haven't updated the status yet. But, hey, I'm just impatient and excited, so I'm calling it official as of now:

on July 12, 2007, exactly 6 months after the birthday of Mike Crowley (Jan. 12), the entity known as Count Blockula was offically born. :-D

This means I get two birthdays a year now, each exactly 6 months apart from one another. :-)

Monday, July 02, 2007


I've gone botty! (yuk yuk)

I've made a page with a couple dozen photos from this weekend's trip to Providence, RI, for BotCon2007 -- the Transformer convention.

I actually have a LOT more photos than this, but those are either of toys (which will be in stores eventually, so there's no real need to post them) or people (who may not be as totally comfortable as I am with having their photos smeared all across the interwebs); so, this is all you get. For now.

Some of the toys I BOUGHT are pretty rare and expensive, so I'll totally post those once I've got some good photos taken. But, no photos until I'm done playing with them. So, don't wait up. ;-)



Black Hole'd

I actually made these last week, but when I was trying to post them - in the rush to get ready for a friend's b-day party - I messed up the html, said forget it, and decided I'd do it after the weekend. And, so I have! :-p

These are minifig-sized versions of of the robots Vincent and Maximillian from the sci fi movie Black Hole:


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